Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Late 80s and Early 90s Puerto Rico Hardcore Punk

While living in Europe, I bought the compilation "Delirium Tremens Vol. 23: Puerto Rico Hardcore Compilation" from a guy named Marko Orava of Sweden who actually released the compilation back in the day. I sent him 3 one-euro coins wrapped in newspaper to the Nordic country for this piece of history. It was released in 1992 and was assembled by Fernando Díaz, from old school Puerto Rico punk band Fobia Estatal and the label Fuera de Orden Records.

Infamous bands such as No More from Sábana Grande, Unión de Defensa (an oi band featuring some members of No More), Werner and Paíto's first punk band Frontside Generation, Aguada's Chicken Shit (later Demasia), Crossover legends Sham Pain, Long-standing hardcore outfit Golpe Justo, ska band Pies Negros and Rotten Core (about whom only know that they were from the West Side) complete this long out of print sonic gem.

To make long story short, recently I have seen this compilation posted in a couple of European blogs and decided to put my copy for download (since it was private in my Mediafire files for so long lol)..

Artist : Various Artists
Album : Puerto Rico Hardcore Punk Compilation: Delirium Tremens #23
Genre : Hardcore
Label : Delirium Tremens
Year : 1992
Source : Tape
Tracks : 21
Time : 40:37 min
Size : 36.15 MB


1. Rotten Core - Never [01:30]
2. Rotten Core - Society Rules [01:52]
3. Rotten Core - I Don't Care [01:23]
4. Frontside Generation - No More Politics [01:34]
5. Frontside Generation - I'll Break All My Promises [01:34]
6. Frontside Generation - No More War (Pagan Babies cover) [03:52]
7. Shampain - Mosh It Up [02:11]
8. Shampain - No Más [02:25]
9. Chicken Shit - Cerdos [02:50]
10. Chicken Shit - Soldados [00:51]
11. Golpe Justo - Golpe Justo [01:37]
12. Golpe Justo - Fuerza Bruta (live) [01:56]
13. Golpe Justo - Maldita Opresión [02:03]
14. Unión De Defensa - Pensamientos Contra El Racismo [01:27]
15. Unión De Defensa - Oi! For Respect [02:02]
16. No More - Represión En La Prisión [01:46]
17. No More - No Somos Penes [02:10]
18. No More - Twenty-Five [01:41]
19. No More - Steppin Stone (live) [02:01]
20. Los Pies Negros - El Espíritu Del Gran Guerrero [01:00]
21. Los Pies Negros - Niño De Sangre Azul [02:42]
40:37 min

Get it, here.

Picture: No More at Steps Club 1989.


Stitch said...

Puedes resubirlo y tambien subir una imagen de mejor calidad de el zine? gracias

Stitch said...

Can anyone reupload this please! And also the flyer!